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Hi Everyone Sorry I have been absent but I have been busy with my new release which is doing great so I wanted to share it with you all.



Forever Free By. J.Grayland

How far will a man go to fight for the woman he can’t live without?

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The Virgin Author


Hi Everyone sorry its been a while since I wrote a post I have been busy trying to organize my new release that is due out in January 2019 but as promised I will share a few sites that I have found useful and best of all they are FREE apart from 1.

1- Buffer a free site where you can set up 3 of your social pages/sites and schedule them to share your book or anything up to 10 times for free all you have to do is fill the buffer queue once a day, and they also send you a spread sheet once a month which keeps you informed of clicks, shares, retweets.

2. Free online book mock up creator. Choose then add your book cover and you have a free mock up.

3. mediamodifier  This is great they have a variety of free back grounds and mock ups you can place your book in a cover, ipad, kindle, iphone and choose a back ground for free.

4. Allauthor Now I have only just found this site and it is free but you can get pro for $59 for 6 months. You can also get a promotional package which is what I am trying out at the moment for $29 and not only do they promote your book on various social sites for 6 months but you can also get a GIF maker, promotional banners and promotional GIF banners that are really easy to use, plus you can set up your book to promote 5 times a day on there or your social sites. The free author page displays your books very nicely as well so give this one a look.

So go take a look and let me know what you think of these freebies, and don’t worry I am always on the look for free ways to promote. Cheers.

Twisted Freedom

Twisted Freedom


After battling to escape the hold of a brutal past, Doctor Casey Tyler found emotional freedom in an unlikely place, with an unlikely man, Nate King owner of King International Security not only saved her from a kidnapping but also from herself. With the tough walls broken down and a new found trust and love with Nate, Casey is ready for a new beginning as they slowly ease into a normal life together until… Casey receives a phone call from home.

Now having to return to Sydney Australia to face the man who destroyed her childhood, but this time with the strength of Nate by her side Casey is determined to put her past demons to rest once and for all. Only a trip for closure turns into more secrets and unearthed truths for Casey, turning her newly found freedom into something tangled and twisted in the horrors of her past.

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My First Book


I thought I would start to introduce you to my books, when I started writing this book I thought it was just going to be a stand alone novel but there was so much going through my mind with the story, the characters that once I started writing there was just way too much to put into one book so I turned it into a trilogy. I love to read romance books but I love a little bit of everything with them, I like some angst and drama, a bit of action, suspense and thriller, family and belonging and so that’s what I put into my first book. So Freedom was my debut novel and was released on the 20th May 2017 and fortunately is still doing good on Amazon and is still receiving great reviews. Now reviews are something else I will chat about in my next blog, that is coming up very soon. Cheers


Australian Doctor Casey Tyler has been looking for an escape from the memories of her past for a long time so when she takes a 3-month contract working for International Medical Assist the void that’s present in her soul is telling her that this is what she needs to fill it. Flying from one side of the world to another she is faced with a brutal war zone and an unexpected savior in more ways than one.

Nathanial King has seen his share of brutality and war during his 10 years service in the Marines, so when a favor is called in by the CEO of IMA to protect a civilian medical team at an American base overseas he finds that his instinct to protect takes over his logic to turn it down, only he didn’t know that a  headstrong, mouthy Aussie doctor was going to give him more than he ever bargained for.

And when a dangerous threat forces Nate to take Casey out of the way of harm and back to his home in the USA  he suddenly realizes that he not only has to protect her from the threat on her life but Casey Tyler needs to be protected from herself. As he gets deeper into her soul he unearths a painful past something darker than he has ever seen before and now he fears he may need to protect himself from the need to own her body and soul. A beautiful powerful story of pain, forgiveness, and love.

She was lost and he found her, but can he live with her secrets…


The pain of marketing your book


Hi, I would like to talk about a very painful subject for us poor virgin authors…Book marketing.

Something not many new authors know about until they are in the thick of it and then you learn by your mistakes.

Amazon Ads- These are not too bad you just need a lot of patience (Besides a kiss ass book lol) You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get impressions of your books out on Amazon so don’t spend a lot of money use a budget of $1 a day and use as many keywords as possible especially 2-3 words strung together. Look at books that are in the same genre as yours and make a list of their keywords and chuck them in as well (The more the merrier right?). Using the $5 ads in the book promotion list is again hit and miss, like everything on the internet even though they say they can share your book to over 75 million people and provide proof its pretty easy to fake or your book will be shared to numerous sites that have fake accounts with fake users.

FB Ads- These can get very expensive and sometimes even if your total budget is set at a certain amount they will ignore this and keep your ad running. (This happened to me recently and took me 3 weeks to stop it)

Website- So many times I read get yourself an author page with your own domain, yeah right that’s okay if your making lots of money to pay for the domain and server bill that starts out as 99c a month until the following year when it goes up to $500 plus which means you end up losing your site because you can’t afford it. (Another personal experience) That’s why I have come back to using a free site.

Social media- (Groans) The bane of a virgin authors existence hours spent sharing the link for your book on every platform sometimes every day, every week, every month OMFG you know what I mean right?

Getting reviews- I think this one goes hand in hand with doing giveaways. You think the more books you give away the more reviews you might get right? wrong. there are some awesome people out there who will do reviews in a blink of an eye, unfortunately, I haven’t been lucky enough to find them yet (But I am still looking. So do giveaways just don’t expect to get many if any reviews from them. And always acknowledge the readers that do give your book a review and share it because they are worth their weight in gold.

Hope this comes in handy for someone always glad to share, in my next post I will give you a list of some of the free sites I have used and the sites that I found helpful. Cheers.

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Introducing myself


I am what I call a virgin author, after many years of writing short stories and keeping them for my eyes only last year I decided to give it a go. Without any experience I became an indie author and boy have I had to learn a lot. Marketing is my biggest learning curve followed by finding an editor one that is cheap and trustworthy and has good time management, how to format, how to design a book cover, how to design ads to share on social media, how to make a book trailer and I am still learning. Pretty hard to advertise your book on a zero budget but doable in small measures, trying to find people to read and review your book? Almost impossible but again I am grateful for the people who did take the time to read and review. It seems that Amazon works on a thing called an algorithm (Yet another thing that I need to learn about but still can’t understand lol) It means that the more people click on your book even if they don’t purchase it and the more reviews that you get the more push amazon gives your book. Another problem I had was people telling me that I needed to make a website with a domain name which I did and I think I spent 6 months trying to make one and it was still never right and with the cheap promise of low costs for a website getting bigger every year and that’s why I have come back to a free website so I can learn to build a better and workable site before I spend any more money that I can’t afford. So I thought I would try and share my journey of the things I am learning about being an indie author and hopefully sharing some tips that I have found out through making mistakes. But be sure to know that any hints and tips I share will always be free or low cost because that’s the type of person I am. A broke one.