Introducing myself


I am what I call a virgin author, after many years of writing short stories and keeping them for my eyes only last year I decided to give it a go. Without any experience I became an indie author and boy have I had to learn a lot. Marketing is my biggest learning curve followed by finding an editor one that is cheap and trustworthy and has good time management, how to format, how to design a book cover, how to design ads to share on social media, how to make a book trailer and I am still learning. Pretty hard to advertise your book on a zero budget but doable in small measures, trying to find people to read and review your book? Almost impossible but again I am grateful for the people who did take the time to read and review. It seems that Amazon works on a thing called an algorithm (Yet another thing that I need to learn about but still can’t understand lol) It means that the more people click on your book even if they don’t purchase it and the more reviews that you get the more push amazon gives your book. Another problem I had was people telling me that I needed to make a website with a domain name which I did and I think I spent 6 months trying to make one and it was still never right and with the cheap promise of low costs for a website getting bigger every year and that’s why I have come back to a free website so I can learn to build a better and workable site before I spend any more money that I can’t afford. So I thought I would try and share my journey of the things I am learning about being an indie author and hopefully sharing some tips that I have found out through making mistakes. But be sure to know that any hints and tips I share will always be free or low cost because that’s the type of person I am. A broke one.

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