The pain of marketing your book


Hi, I would like to talk about a very painful subject for us poor virgin authors…Book marketing.

Something not many new authors know about until they are in the thick of it and then you learn by your mistakes.

Amazon Ads- These are not too bad you just need a lot of patience (Besides a kiss ass book lol) You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get impressions of your books out on Amazon so don’t spend a lot of money use a budget of $1 a day and use as many keywords as possible especially 2-3 words strung together. Look at books that are in the same genre as yours and make a list of their keywords and chuck them in as well (The more the merrier right?). Using the $5 ads in the book promotion list is again hit and miss, like everything on the internet even though they say they can share your book to over 75 million people and provide proof its pretty easy to fake or your book will be shared to numerous sites that have fake accounts with fake users.

FB Ads- These can get very expensive and sometimes even if your total budget is set at a certain amount they will ignore this and keep your ad running. (This happened to me recently and took me 3 weeks to stop it)

Website- So many times I read get yourself an author page with your own domain, yeah right that’s okay if your making lots of money to pay for the domain and server bill that starts out as 99c a month until the following year when it goes up to $500 plus which means you end up losing your site because you can’t afford it. (Another personal experience) That’s why I have come back to using a free site.

Social media- (Groans) The bane of a virgin authors existence hours spent sharing the link for your book on every platform sometimes every day, every week, every month OMFG you know what I mean right?

Getting reviews- I think this one goes hand in hand with doing giveaways. You think the more books you give away the more reviews you might get right? wrong. there are some awesome people out there who will do reviews in a blink of an eye, unfortunately, I haven’t been lucky enough to find them yet (But I am still looking. So do giveaways just don’t expect to get many if any reviews from them. And always acknowledge the readers that do give your book a review and share it because they are worth their weight in gold.

Hope this comes in handy for someone always glad to share, in my next post I will give you a list of some of the free sites I have used and the sites that I found helpful. Cheers.

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