The Virgin Author


Hi Everyone sorry its been a while since I wrote a post I have been busy trying to organize my new release that is due out in January 2019 but as promised I will share a few sites that I have found useful and best of all they are FREE apart from 1.

1- Buffer a free site where you can set up 3 of your social pages/sites and schedule them to share your book or anything up to 10 times for free all you have to do is fill the buffer queue once a day, and they also send you a spread sheet once a month which keeps you informed of clicks, shares, retweets.

2. Free online book mock up creator. Choose then add your book cover and you have a free mock up.

3. mediamodifier  This is great they have a variety of free back grounds and mock ups you can place your book in a cover, ipad, kindle, iphone and choose a back ground for free.

4. Allauthor Now I have only just found this site and it is free but you can get pro for $59 for 6 months. You can also get a promotional package which is what I am trying out at the moment for $29 and not only do they promote your book on various social sites for 6 months but you can also get a GIF maker, promotional banners and promotional GIF banners that are really easy to use, plus you can set up your book to promote 5 times a day on there or your social sites. The free author page displays your books very nicely as well so give this one a look.

So go take a look and let me know what you think of these freebies, and don’t worry I am always on the look for free ways to promote. Cheers.

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